The design of male mold structure in injection mould

The male mould is used for molding the inner surface of plastic parts, also known as core, male or forming bar.” Male mould ” and “forming rod” there is no strict boundary line between the two, usually forming rod specifically refers to the formation of plastic parts on the hole and local groove of the small core .The male mould  according to the structure is also divided into integral and combined two types .Because the processing of the punch is relatively easy to die, so most of the punch is a whole, especially in small injection mold medium core, template is often made into one, large, medium injection mold using combination. The forming rod is usually made separately and inserted into the template. T The following will introduce the integral-typed, combined structure and small core (forming rod)

1. The integral-typed

The integral-typed male mold is made of a single piece of material, with simple and firm structure and good molding quality. But steel consumption is large, suitable for small injection mold.

 2.The combined type

When the plastic inner surface is complex and not convenient for machining, or the shape is not complex, but in order to save high quality steel, reduce cutting, the use of modular punch structure. Modular punch according to the size and complexity of small diameter modular, large diameter modular, composite core composite. According to the form of composite core has the whole embedded, partial inlay type, completely inlay type.

The combined type is suitable for large and medium-sized injection moulds. It is easy to set up cooling loop of male mold. Adopt integral embedded structure, belong to large diameter combined male mold, with shaft shoulder and support plate connection, suitable for the shape of relatively simple male mold.

3. Forming rod (small core) combined type

The forming rod (small core) assembly is a special case of the former structure. The forming rod (small core) is usually made separately and embedded in a male mold (core) fixing plate.

For multiple forming rods, it is better to adopt the installation method of shoulder pad.When a number of forming rods close together, the fixed plate can be processed into a large long groove or round pit, as a counterbore.




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